Cohort Name
Asthma Coalition on Community, Environment and Social Stress (ACCESS)
Avon Longitudinal Study of Parents and Children (ALSPAC)
Stockholm Children Allergy and Environmental Prospective Birth Cohort Study (BAMSE)
Born in Bradford cohort study (BiB) AND the ALLin study (a smaller sample of BiB participants with specific focus on allergies and asthma)
Conditions Affecting Neurocognitive Development and Learning in Early Childhood (CANDLE )
Canadian Asthma Primary Prevention Study (CAPPS)
Childhood Asthma Prevention Study (CAPS)
Childhood Asthma Study (CAS)
Childhood Asthma Study (CAS-I and CAS­II)
Cincinnati Childhood Allergy and Air Pollution Study (CCAAPS)
Columbia Center for Children's Environmental Health (CCCEH)
Childhood Asthma Study (CHAS)
The Canadian Healthy Infant Longitudinal Development Study (CHILD)
Childhood Origins of ASThma (COAST)
COhort for Childhood Origin of Asthma and allergic diseases (COCOA)
The Copenhagen Study on Asthma in Childhood 2000
The Copenhagen Studies on Asthma in Childhood (COPSAC2010)
Environment and Childhood Asthma study (ECA)
Etude sur les Déterminants pré et post natals précoces du développement psychomoteur et de la santé de l’Enfan (EDEN)
Epidemiology of Home Allergens and Asthma Study (EHAAS)
German Infant Nutritional Intervention plus environmental and genetic influences on allergy development (GINlplus)
Infant Immune Study
INfancia y Medio Ambiente Project [Environment and Childhood] (INMA)
INfant Susceptibility to Pulmonary Infections and Asthma following RSV Exposure (INSPIRE)
The Isle of Wight Birth Cohort
Influences of Lifestyle-Related Factors on the Immune System and the Development of Allergies in Childhood plus Air Pollution and Genetics (LISAplus)
Manchester Asthma and Allergy Study (MAAS)
Multicentre Allergy Study (Multizentrische Allergiestudie) (MAS)
The Norwegian Mother and Child Cohort Study (MoBa)
Pollution and Asthma Risk: an Infant Study (PARIS)
Perth Infant Asthma Follow-up (PIAF)
Prevention and Incidence of Asthma and Mite Allergy (PIAMA-NHS)
Mother-Child cohort in Crete (Rhea)
Rome and Bologna Birth Italian Cohorts (ROBBIC)
Study of Asthma Genes and the Environment (SAGE)
Tucson Children's Respiratory Study (TCRS)
Urban Environment and Childhood Asthma (URECA)
Vitamin D Antenatal Asthma Reduction Trial (VDAART)
Project Viva
Wayne County Health, Environment, Allergy & Asthma Longitudinal Study (WHEALS)

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